the meanest and most generous companies of 2019

Since the Katie Morley Investigates column launched in May, I have dealt with hundreds of companies in order to solve your money problems. 

Every customer-facing company deals with unhappy members of the public from time-to-time. How they handle these complaints can tell us a lot about them.

Over the past seven months I have been both impressed, enraged, and everything in between, when it came to the way companies dealt with your complaints.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but are the top five most generous, and the five meanest companies, whose customers asked me for help in 2019.  

The most generous


Britain’s biggest insurer stepped in to stop a 95-year old reader from losing £350,000 by cancelling her life insurance, as she couldn’t afford the £47,000-a-year premiums. It also refunded £32,000 of premiums, leaving her £382,000 better off.