The best paid professions with the highest job satisfaction for 2021

Technology manager

With an average salary of £92,508 and job satisfaction score of 4.2 out of five, this is the most lucrative of the top five jobs. As with a solutions engineer, this person will need good technical skills. They are in charge of a firm’s entire IT system. They will also need to work with other people in the business to understand what they need from the software.

Part of their role is to manage IT budgets, plan training sessions for employees and ensure software licensing laws are followed. Adverts usually ask for candidates who have strong leadership skills and relevant technology qualifications. 

What creates job satisfaction? 

Between 2017 and 2019 the number of job posts on LinkedIn mentioning work flexibility increased by 78pc and this is likely to continue rising once lockdown is over. 

“Being able to have a work-life balance is hugely important in creating a happy workforce. We’re definitely seeing increased interest in the idea of a four-day week,” says Ms Carroll. But, she added, time is not the only factor. 

“People also like to feel they’re empowered and able to make decisions. A lot of feeling satisfied in your work is feeling like you have ownership over something, for example by leading projects,” she said. 

Another important factor is being able to live somewhere with a high quality of life, said Jo Cresswell of Glassdoor.  

“Often the best paying jobs are based in London. However some workers find that areas outside of the capital can be much more attractive when it comes to quality of life,” she said.

Those trying to combine living where they want with having a top job have, until now, had to pay for it with a long commute –  but as remote working increasingly becomes the new normal that sacrifice may no longer be necessary. 

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