Royal Mint unveils solid gold debit card – but is it worth the £18,750 price tag?

The mega-rich now have a new way to flaunt their wealth, as the Royal Mint has unveiled a debit card made from solid gold.

The 18-carat card has a hefty upfront price tag, starting at £18,750 for the basic version and increasing for bespoke designs. 

The cards are linked to a Mastercard Raris account and the owners’ names and signature are engraved into the metal. Users also get perks such as a concierge service and no foreign exchange or transaction fees.

But the card and its benefits do not justify the cost, according to Andrew Hagger, of financial experts Moneycomms.

“I don’t think it’s worth anything near that £18,750,” he said. “But I can see people going for it as a status symbol.”