RBS to open first ‘cashless bank’ with no ATM or cashier service 

Natwest, a sister company to RBS, has launched three such branches already in Leeds, Manchester and Oxford although all have ATMs.

But Martyn James of consumer rights group Resolver, said although technology and digital banking is the future it is “vital” that it’s not at the cost of face-to-face banking services. 

“As a nation, we need to speak up if we feel our essential services are being reduced or removed – because before you know it, they’ll have gone,” he said.

However, he added that the reduction of services branches in major cities, where there is already a plethora of banks, may not be a bad thing, if the cost saving goes towards more rural areas. Recent closures mean that more than 115,000 people now have no cash point in 130 postcodes, according to research from consumer group Which?.