our consumer champion explains your rights

All Flybe flights are now grounded and refunds are highly unlikely unless you booked as part of a package holiday. You may be able to reclaim the money via your credit or debit card provider or claim on your travel insurance. Some insurers, however, will only cover you for airline failure if you purchased an optional add-on with this included. 

BA is cancelling more than 200 flights from March 16 to 28. Those affected include routes departing from London for New York, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Ireland.

BA customers will be offered an alternative flight for a later date or a full refund. 

Ryanair has said it will cut a quarter of its planned flights in and out of Italy. This will last from March 17 to April 8. Ryanair customers are able to rebook or reroute their flights or apply for a refund. 

Easyjet is also cancelling a number of flights, mainly to and from Italy, between March 13 and 31. Customers are either being rerouted, moved onto different flights or offered a full refund. 

You or a member of your family is especially worried due to age and/or health concerns 

Some passengers may fear that travelling to other countries where coronavirus has been found could put them at increased risk due to their age or pre-existing health complications. In general, coronavirus has proved far deadlier to older patients with underlying health issues, so I can appreciate these concerns.