Moral Money episode 6: Fiddling work expenses and rewarding children with cash

The MPs’ Expenses Scandal was one of the biggest stories in the history of the Telegraph. So, who better to debate the ethics of spending company cash than one of the journalists who broke it?

Christopher Hope, the Telegraph’s chief political correspondent and the longest-serving reporter at the paper, discusses whether it’s ok to expense a round of drinks after a client has gone home on the latest episode of the Moral Money podcast, which you can listen to on the player above. 

The sixth episode of the series also sees “Chopper”, as he’s known, advise a listener who isn’t sure how best to motivate their lazy student son – and is considering a financial reward.

What would you do in either situation? Let us know by emailing or by leaving us a voicemail at 07867 162 170.

The Moral Money podcast is based on our popular column of the same name and you can read the original articles here. Earlier episodes of the podcast, which is hosted by Lauren Davidson and Sam Meadows, have featured Bryony Gordon and Tim Stanley as guest ethicists.