how to get a refund on a cancelled train

Rail travellers face a month of misery after it was confirmed that strike action will disrupt services on South Western Railway during December.

South Western operates services between London Waterloo station and commuter towns close to the capital. It also runs regional services from Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset to London.

Staff have voted to strike over the proposed removal of guards from some of its services. South Western officials and representatives from the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union had attempted to reach an agreement to keep trains running, but these talks broke down earlier this week, prompting the strike action.

Services are expected to be disrupted for 27 days between Dec 2 and Jan 2 2020.

Some travellers who faceĀ a delayed journey will be entitled to a refund, Telegraph Money looks at when you are able to make a claim.

When do I qualify for a refund?

If your train is cancelled, or is delayed and you decide not to travel, then you are entitled to a full refund on your ticket.

If your train is delayed but you still travel, you may be eligible for compensation depending on how late the service is and the policy of the train operator.