Heathrow and BA strikes: what are your rights?

Affected travellers can get flight refunds in three ways – firstly from the airline, then any tour operator, and finally from their travel insurance.

A spokesman for Heathrow airport said: “For people who have flights that could be cancelled, they should get in contact with their airline to get any refunds.”

Travellers between European Union airports, on EU airlines, can get a full refund for cancelled flights or get a free journey with a different provider to the same destination.

Martyn James, of dispute resolution site Resolver, said: “If the flight is cancelled due to something the airline could have done something about, including strikes, that is covered.”

This rule covers any BA strikes, as the strikers would be BA staff and therefore within the firm’s influence. However, if a strike is caused by something outside the airline’s powers, such as any action by Heathrow airport staff, they do not have to pay.