Four great Christmas gift ideas to help save for your child’s future – but which is best?

Christmas is approaching rapidly, and with it the difficulty of deciding what to buy younger relations for their presents. Fortunately, there is a way to navigate through this without endless research about which toys are in vogue – give them money.

Cash might seem less thoughtful than a physical present that can be unwrapped on Christmas morning. But in the long run it is the most considerate gift of all, as it means children get a sizeable sum to enjoy when they get older.

AJ Bell, the stockbroker, has analysed whether it is better to put cash into a junior Isa, junior Sipp, gold or National Savings & Investments’ premium bonds. 

Fittingly, the calculations show the best present is also the most festive of the options – gold.

Investing £100 in the precious metal every Christmas for 18 years would cause contributions of £1,800 to rise to £4,551, an increase of 152pc.