Eight ways to make some extra money during coronavirus lockdown

Lockdown restrictions have started to ease, but life has yet to return to normal. Many people are spending much more time at home and looking for ways to boost their income in these turbulent times.

From renting out your driveway to proofreading documents, these are some of the best and easiest ways to make some extra money without stepping out of your front door. 

1. Rent out your driveway 

More people are ditching public transport for the safety of their own cars, but many are finding their office car parks cannot cope with the extra demand. 

You could make money by offering up your empty driveway as a parking space for those who work near where you live. There are a number of apps and websites that connect people with unused drives with those in need of a parking spot, including Kerb, JustPark and Stashbee. 

Most allow you to set your own price, although some firms will take a cut. The monthly price to rent a parking space in London can be £300 or more. 

2. Lend out your car 

If you think you won’t be needing to drive much during lockdown you could offer up your car to workers wanting to avoid public transport instead. 

One car lending app, Turo, calculates that its users earn more than £500 a month renting out their car. Other firms allowing you to do the same include Getaround and Hiyacar.

There’s no need for contact: drivers can book, locate and unlock your car via the apps. Borrowers must take pictures of the car before and after to ensure any damage is documented. 

3. Online tutoring  

Online tutors are in hot demand from parents wanting to help with home-schooling their children. One website, Tutorful, estimates you can make between £20 and £30 an hour by signing up to its platform. Postings on jobs sites offer more than £50 an hour for specialist tutors. If you use an online tutoring agency you’re likely to have to pay a fee. 

You can offer your services in any number of subjects and many don’t require any teaching qualifications. Postings often ask for evening and weekend availability, so you can fit it around your other work. 

4. Become a virtual assistant

Get paid to help businesses schedule social media posts, sort files and prepare mailing lists. According to Adzuna, an online jobs board, a virtual assistant is one of the highest-earning second jobs, paying almost £16 an hour on average.

Many postings only ask for part-time hours, making it easy to arrange it around your main job.