Bryony Gordon on flatmates’ boyfriends who move in but won’t pay rent

Navigating the boundaries when living with flatmates can be a treacherous task. Collecting rent, splitting chores and agreeing on house rules can lead to no end of arguments. 

But throw in to the equation an uninvited, extra flatmate and the tensions can soar.

So much so that Bryony Gordon – Telegraph columnist, best-selling author, Mad World podcast host and mental health activist – feels the need to revert to wisdom she learnt in rehab to settle this dispute.

In the third episode of Moral Money, a reader complains that one of her housemate’s boyfriends has all but moved in to their girls-only home – and refuses to contribute to the rent or bills. 

Bryony also gives a piece of her mind to another reader who relies heavily on her parents to help raise her child – but wants to ask the grandparents to stop meddling in her decisions. 

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