Brexit 50p coins with Oct 31 date ‘error’ to become instant collectibles

A batch of special Brexit 50p coins minted with October 31 are expected to become collectors’ items now that it looks almost certain Britain will not have left the EU by then.

The coins were designed to feature the date 31 October 2019, as well as the words “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”.

Chancellor Sajid Javid had asked for three million of the coins to enter circulation ready for the mooted Brexit date, with seven million more to follow within a year.

However Mr Javid has now paused production of the coins after Parliamentary wrangling this week made it unlikely the Brexit date will be October 31. The Royal Mint is thought to have already minted hundreds of thousands of the new 50p, in addition to 1,000 created as part of an earlier trial.

If Brexit is delayed, coins with the Oct 31 date would contain an error, increasing their interest to collectors. 

A spokesman for coin experts Change Checker said: “Error coins do cause a lot of interest with collectors.”